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By Promoting your Business On skuboplay, you’re sure to reach a wide range of Nigerian and African Audience who Loves and are Interested in Music And Entertainment. We have coverage in All African Countries (with a fair coverage in Europe, Asia and America) with 800,000 to 1 Million DAILY PAGEVIEWS and 300,000+ Daily Users. With that figure, you’re sure to reach your Target audience when you Advertise on Skuboplay Visitors Statistics

Monthly Users: 5 Million+ Monthly Users.

Monthly Pageviews: 25 Million+ Monthly Pageviews

Daily Pageviews: 800,000+ Daily Pageviews Visitors Country Breakdown

Nigeria: 55% of Users

Ghana: 11% of Users

Zambia: 5% oF Users

Tanzania: 5% of Users

South Africa: 5% of Users

Uganda: 3% of Users

United States: 3% of Users

India: 3% of Users

Kenya: 3% of Users

Malawi: 1% of Users

skuboplay Fixed Advert Take-over Placement Rates (For Big Companies with Big Budget)

At skuboplay, we have Fixed advert rates which allows you to Place your Advert to be seen by either the Whole Traffic (Visitors) or Half of the Traffic. This Deal is called take-over because it allocates a placement position solely to you with no other Advert in Rotation for the period of our Contract with you.

Advert Formats

Header Placement 300×100: 800,000 to 1 Million Views Daily

Sticky Footer 300×100: 800,000 to 1 Million Views Daily

Sitewide Rectangle 300×250: 800,000 to 1 Million Views Daily

In-post Rectange 300×250: 400,000+ Views Daily

Skuboplay Advert Placement Rates for Big Advertisers

If you wish to Order the “Big Advertiser’s Take-over Package”, Please contact our Ads Team Directly via WhatsApp ONLY with this Number: 09076131844 (+2349076131844).

Skuboplay Advert Placement Rates (For Small and Medium Advertisers)

This placement is a Rotational Placement which rotates your adverts alongside other Advertisers Banner and is capped by Either Clicks or Impressions. You pay for the CLICKS or IMPRESSIONS your advert Gets.

At Skuboplay, we have 3 Advert Placement rates which are PPC (Pay Per Click), CPM (Pay Per 1,000 Impressions/Views) and PPD (Pay Per Day)

PPC (Pay Per Click) for African Traffic: $0.03

PPC (Pay Per Click) for Europe, America and Asia Traffic: $0.15

CPM (Pay Per 1,000 Impressions/Views) for African Traffic: $0.30

CPM (Pay Per 1,000 Impressions/Views) for Europe, America and Asia Traffic: $1

PPD (Pay Per Day) for All Traffic in Naira: ₦80,000 (Minimum of 20 Days Order)

PPD (Pay Per Day) for All Traffic in Naira: ₦100,000 (Minimum of 1 Day Order)

PPD (Pay Per Day) for All Traffic in USD: $200

About PPD Plan: The Pay Per Day Plan means only your advert will be shown on 2 AD positions across our website as your advert will show across all Posts and Pages in 300×250 Banner format and as a Leaderboard Sticky footer Banner (300×100) and it will appear to all our users from all Countries in the World for 24 Hours (1 Day)

SkuboplayBanner Size

Currently, we only accept 300×250 Banner, 300×100 and 300×50 (for sticky footer placement) Advert Sizes Campaigns on our website

Minimum Deposit for Advert

Currently, we only accept a minimum deposit of ₦60,000 or $100. You can’t deposit less than that but can Deposit More.

Prohibited Adverts

Currently, we accept all Adverts excluding Porn Ads

NOTE: All Adverts on Skuboplayare Rotational and Capped

NOTE: All Adverts on Skuboplay appears on all the website Pages

6. Banner Image Editing: We can create an Advert Banner for you if you have none to advertise your Business

Cost: ₦7,000 ($15)

Advert Team Contact Details

Call and WhatsApp for Nigerians: 09076131844

Call and WhatsApp for Global: +2349076131844 Click Here To Contact the Advert Team on WhatsApp