FelixThe1st X Dreya Mac – Own Brand Freestyle (feat. Finch Fetti) (calm) Full Lyrics

FelixThe1st X Dreya Mac – Own Brand Freestyle (feat. Finch Fetti) (I just want money that’s calm (calm)Full Lyrics

Little niggas really wan’ at me
Lockdown still doin’ up Cali (Cali)
Gingerbread Man can’t catch me (no)
Flexed up like they really move pally (pally)
I don’t want ish, just at me (at me)
I just want money that’s calm (calm)
Teenage never worry ’bout acne
Nah, I ain’t ever been with a baddie (with a baddie)
She calm so I add her to the tally (tally)
Madison but I’m callin’ her Maddy (Mads, yeah)
Like, “Mads try send me the addy” (like gimme it, gimme it)
Buss a right then a left at the alley (at the alley)
Like Drey, you don’t look to shabby
Geordie ting come from the valleys
Like I just wanna play with that fanny (gimme that)

Lil’ miss I really wan’ play with that pussy
Baby, she give me the wet
I make that pussy squirt
I tell her, “Felix go first” (bitch)
She wanna tell me she love me
I tell her I’m cool, so I tell her to squirt (yeah)
My little bitch do the dirt (nah)
She don’t wan’ hate me she lurk (nah, nah, nah, nah)

Like Dreya to forward, Dreya to bait
Dreya too nuff (like Dreya too nuff)
Keep on assumin’
I don’t correct, I call your bluff (like I call your bluff)
Gyal think they’re nice, hmm, nah
You ain’t buff (like you ain’t buff)
You’re lookin’ rough (like you’re lookin’ rough)
So just give me the stuff (like gimme the stuff)

She movin’ forward
She ain’t important
Gimme me the love (like gimme the love)
Like, bitch, I want clartin’
And somethin’ you got for me, baby, wassup?
Baby, wassup? (Like, baby, wassup?)
I want the pussy, baby
Let me come and just f*ck it up (just f*ck it up, swag, swag

She don’t know what I’m about
Let me give you a head start (let me just give you the)
Dreya the best (like Dreya the best)
Say it with chest
Grabbin’ her breast (ooh, yeah)
Lemme caress (like lemme caress)
No, she ain’t under duress (no)
No, she ain’t feelin’ no stress (nah, nah, nah, nah)
I’m like come here, baby, sit on my lap
Run your hands through my dreads

Bitch, ahh
I blow smoke chim-chimney (smoke)
Fly bitch she not feelin’ me
Fucksake Felix come like frenemy (woo)
Like Oliver Twist
She beggin’ for more
Like sis just pour out the Hennessey
Get set, f*ck the ready, we steady B
She taste special, “Miss, what’s the recipe?”
I give her like four give me ten of each

Shit, she want the best of me
Flip her over in bed ’til she rest in peace
Beat up the pussy and pray that she rest in peace
She sniffin’ that Disney shit
She call it that Good Luck Charlie (Good Luck Charlie)
All these bitches wanna party (all they wanna party)
They on me, they all on my body (all on my body)
She rock, she poppin’ the Molly
She don’t wanna f*ck with my squady (nah, nah)
Just wanna love on me only (yeah)
She don’t wanna love on no body (love on no body)

Nah (nah, nah, nah, nah)
Nope, no, nope, nah, no (nah)
Nope, nada, nope (nah)
Nah, nah, nah (no way)

Clown life vibes
I just spent like twelve pounds on Saybees brand rum
And I’m feelin’ fuckin’ fantastic
It’s feeelin’ crazy
Ras took yuh inna the bulding (boop, boop-boop)

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