Stella Oduah Net Worth & Biography 2022

What is Stella Oduah net worth? According to us Stella Oduah net worth is estimated at around $19 Million (N20 Billion Naira) she is listed among the top 10 richest female people in Nigeriaw


Stella Oduah is a Nigerian politician, senator and a former Nigerian minister she is among the successful female politician in Nigeria she has proven that what a man can do a woman can do better.

There is no doubt that Stella Oduah is an influential person in Nigeria she has built a positive reputation with no any allegations in the years of her political career. Though she has been involve into some financial crisis.

Today Stella Oduah is among the female richest politicians in Nigerian which makes her one in a million. She deserves all the credits.

Been a hardworking person in Nigerian politics there are a lot of people that keep on demanding for Stella Oduah net worth and that’s the main reason why we assign a team to work on this epic content.

Stella Oduah is not just a Nigerian politician but also she is deeply into business and she is counted among the richest business women in Nigeria her name has appeared in Forbes magazines and the New York times.

Today we are going to determine Stella Oduah net worth by evaluating all that she makes in the years of her career.

So let’s dive into Stella Oduah net worth in 2022

Net worth $19 Million
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Stella Oduah Biography and Net worth

Before we get to Stella Oduah net worth lets first look at her biography and political career first.

Stella Oduah was born and raised in the city of Anambra in Nigeria she was born on the 5th of January 1960 right now she is over 60 years old.

Stella Oduah is among the few politicians that have a phenomenal background she received her bachelors and masters degree in the united state of America. In 1983 she was employed by the Nigerian National petroleum cooperation.

Stella Oduah is currently married to the former mister of worked and they are blessed with some children.

The main reason why we write this content is to determine Stella Oduah net worth so let’s not say much on her biography.

Stella Oduah income from politics

We all know that politicians are among the richest people in Nigeria and this is because they make a lot of money from what they do, sometimes they are even involve In some criminal allegations.

According to many magazines on the internet it was written that Stella Oduah is among the richest female people in Nigeria. So how truth is this information. Frankly speaking no one can tell how much a politicians make or how much he or she is worth and that’s why we call it rough estimate.

To know Stella Oduah net worth we must know all the money that she has earned from each political position that she has held in the years of her career. According to the research conducted below are the lists of positions that Stella Oduah has held in the years of his career.

Senator federal republic on Nigeria 2015-2023
Minister of aviation 2011-2014
So the big question here is how much did she makes from all of these offices that she has held? Well according to the observations that our team has conducted Stella Oduah has made over $10 Million roughly from these positions mention.

Now that we have know how much Stella Oduah has made from politics let’s check her business and see what we can find.

Stella Oduah income from business

Stella Oduah has been into different allegations when she appointed as the minister aviations she has looted a lot of the countries funds. During her tenure as the minister of aviations it was reported that she has looted over $9 Millions and bought four properties in London.

Despite the four properties she bought she also bought house in the United Kingdom. Also it was reported that Stella Oduah has an offshore company which is an oil and gas company.

To make a conclusion to this, the truth is Stella Oduah doesn’t have any legitimate business she looted the government money to build a business but she get caught at the end.

Now that we have know all of her financial activities in politics it’s time we make and ending to this content by telling her net worth.

Stella Oduah net worth 2022

Stella Oduah net worth is estimated at around $19 Million (N20 Billion Naira) she is listed among the top 10 richest female people in Nigeria

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