3 Easiest Way To Send Direct Messages On Instagram Quickly [Updated]

How You Can A send Messages On Instagram Using The Instagram Website On Computer?

Technically, no. You cannot send or view messages on Instagram using the Instagram website on computer. However, there are a few third-party desktop clients that allows you do that.

You equally cannot do same using the browser on your phone. The browser version only allows you view posts, discover people, follow and unfollow, comment, like, ET cetera.

To effectively use Instagram, it is advised that you use the application which is available on Android and iOS.

How You Can send DMs On Instagram Using Computer?

Technically, no. However, there could be a way around this and that’s having android emulators.

Android emulators allow you run some Android apps on your computer with ease. Hence, with this, you may be able to send DMs on Instagram using your computer. There’s absolutely no harm in trying.

There you have it. That’s all there is to know in regards Instagram DM and being able to send and view Direct messages on Instagram. If you have any questions regarding the subject, do not hesitate to ask using the comment session.

If perhaps, you know one way it is done, you know what they say about variety being the spice of life, right? I will equally be showing you how to send Direct Messages to instagram users whose account is on private.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

How You Can Send Direct Message On Instagram Via Profile Page

Yes, there is a normal way of doing this. Being able to send a direct message to a user on Instagram via the user’s profile page simple means you have to first, follow the user and then, message him/her.

  • Visit the Instagram Account you want to send a DM
  • Tap on the follow option if you ain’t following already.
  • Having tapped the follow option, that should change to Message. Next, tap on the message option.

That’s it. You’ve Successfully sent a DM to a Instagram user.

Now, while that is tagged as the normal way and works all the time, there are two other methods I’d like to share with you.

How You Can Send DM On Instagram Without Following or Direct Message To A Private Account

While the first method above entails having to follow the user, this method doesn’t. This method doesn’t require you having to follow the Instagram user.

More importantly, this method allows you send direct message to a private Instagram account.

How is it done? Follow these steps:

  • Visit the Instagram account you want to send A DM to
  • Tap on the options icon located at the top right side of the page
  • Among the options, select Send Message
  • Type in your message and hit send.

That’s it. You’ve successfully sent a direct message to a private Instagram account or a Instagram user without having to follow.

The problem with this method however, is the fact that you do not know when the user reads the message. Unlike the first method which states seen when the user reads the message (if he/she is following you back), this doesn’t.

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